Dog Walking Guide

Our Walking Guide consist of Either:
1/2 Hour
1 Hour
1 1/2 Hour
2 Hour 

I will always take spare collars and leads, dog bags and some balls for the dogs to play with. 
I will also take my camera along with me so I can take pictures of your dog playing, so I can show you what they have got up to on their travels. With your permission we are more than happy to put the pictures of your household pet onto our gallery page.

In the summer I will take a big bottle of water when it is hot so they can drink during and after the walk. Also a towel to dry them off when it is wet, as we all know what our British summer is like. In the winter I will take some towels to dry them off with. 
The session will start from when myself and your dog will reach the destination walking time - not for my travel time like most other companies. 
Another great thing about Always Wagging is we are flexible, if you have any further requirements we will off course accommodate if at all possible.
Dusty Lulu Poppy and Archie Evie